Other activities and attractions nearby

Do U offer Lodging?

Places to stay nearby.

  1. Where can I camp or put an rv while fishing with you?

       Kumbrabow State Forest is literally right across the road from my fishing camp. There are cabins,a campground and rv sites(that handle 20 feet and under RV's). U may be able to put a larger RV there,but the kumbrabow brochure states,"RV's over 20 foot may have trouble".

      And an added bonus is the native brookie stream that flows right through the Kumbrabow  State Forest campground.

      Also There are spots along the Elk  river that people put Rv's and set up camp.


    Elk Springs Resort is only 5-10 minutes from my camp and is another place you may choose to stay.

  2. Are there any other trout streams in the area?


       Absolutely,a few miles down the road there is Tygart river,which is stocked heavily with trout in the spring and fall,in it's headwaters.

      Also,Elkwater fork,which is a good rifle shot from my fishing camp,is stocked with trout and has native brookies also in it's headwaters.

      There are plenty more close by also.But,after a day on the Elk river with Elk river Odyssey fly fishing,my bet is you'll be like a crazed fly fishing mad man,wanting more of the rising snouts you will encounter while fishing the Elk.

  3. Elk Springs Resort is 10 minutes from my camp.

    Elk Springs Resort is 10 minutes from my camp.

    They offer a lodge(riverside) and quaint cabins.

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Other activities and attractions nearby

  1. Are there any other attractions in the area?

      Snowshoe Mountain ski resort is 17 miles from my fishing camp .And is known throughout the east coast as one of the top resorts in the area.

      If you are a hunter or have a friend or family member that is a hunter,hunting opportunities in Randolph and Pocohantas counties abound! Whether your quarry is whitetailed deer,ruffed grouse,black bear or snowshoe rabbits and many more,hunting opportunities are everywhere. And there are plenty of public hunting areas to chase your choice of game.

      Whether it's the monongahela national forest or the many state forests and wildlife management areas that are in the area,excellent hunting is here for the taking.

      So after a day on the stream with Elk River Odyssey, plenty of outdoor activities in the area are waiting on you!


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Do U offer Lodging?

  1. Do u offer lodging?

    I have a rough little camp. If you fish with me u can stay @ camp 4 free if you don't mind roughing it a little.

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